I’m Certified Certified Scrum Master

November 9, 2011 Posted in: Side Notes
Took a short course back in September and now I'm Certified Certified Scrum Master.

Picasa Albums v1.0.6 is live

August 31, 2011 Posted in: Picasa Albums, Projects

Please use github.com or simply update your plugin.


Picasa Albums v1.0.6 is on github.com

July 23, 2011 Posted in: Picasa Albums, Projects

Picasa Albums v1.0.6 is on github.com and awaits for some brave souls to take a it for a test drive. New version contains fixes for Fancybox's issue submitted on github.com and thumbnail issue I found. v1.0.6 introduces 2 new features hooks and custom url.

Download v1.0.6 from github.com. and/or get details after the break.


Where IN Query Using Codeigniter MongoDB Library

July 20, 2011 Posted in: Side Notes
Thanks to Alex Bilbie we all have simple way of integrating new MongoDB data store into Codeigniter applications. Thank you Alex and all others who contributed. Library lets you easily create complex where clause without touching MongoDB syntax. Unfortunately IN (and I imagine NIN and some other statements) are not translated correctly. Specificaly proble surfaces when you try to query documents by _id. It looks like there is an open issue on bitbucket.org, but page never loads for me. If it works for you and it has fix, you can stop reading.

Command Line And Friends

February 24, 2011 Posted in: Side Notes

Import Multiple SQL Files Into Database

So we have multiple files exported from db. In fact we have so many it will take a day to inport them one by one. If on Windows, you probably have nifty tool that will let you drag and drop them into db. I could not find one for linux or Mac, so command line to rescue: cat *.sql | mysql -u USERNAME -pPASSWORD DATABASENAME To be continued...

Picasa Albums is now on WordPress.org

January 17, 2011 Posted in: Picasa Albums
Picasa Albums For WordPress 3 is now on WordPress.org. Head over to Picasa Album page to get the latest code or search for "Picasa Album" in your plugin section.

Picasa Albums For WordPress

January 7, 2011 Posted in: Picasa Albums, Projects
Picasa Albums For WordPress 3 helps to easily import, display and manage your public Picasa Web Albums right in your WordPress site. Picasa Albums creates custom Picasa Web Album experience right on your site. Picasa Albums allows blog owners to outsource image hosting to Google's global CND, saving on traffic and hosting costs and reduce server load associated with static content.

Tynt Insight For WordPress

December 14, 2010 Posted in: Projects, Tynt Insight
Guys and girls at Tynt.om worked hard to make really cool free analytics tool. Basic idea is to keep track of what people copy/paste on your page and automatically link back copied content to original page. As many analytic tools it uses JavaScript that has to update on the blog every time tracking is changed. Tynt.com For WordPress tries to solve this problem by bringing configuration option to WordPress admin panel.

WPMU Redirects to Admin Page All The Time?

October 22, 2010 Posted in: Side Notes
You just added new blog to you WordPress MU and it goes to admin dashboard all the time? The answer is simple. WordPress did you a "favor" and set new blog as Dashboard Blog. all you have to do is go to Site Options ([your blog]/wp-admin/wpmu-options.php) and clear "Dashboard Blog" input box. Save. Done!

Changing Search Query Parameter in WordPress

October 19, 2010 Posted in: Side Notes
You may wonder why some would do such thing? Well, most obvious case is integration with existing website. Some times "s" parameter is already used and/or required to have function different from search. This where you have to alter default behavior of WordPress.
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