Tynt Insight For WordPress

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Guys and girls at Tynt.com worked hard to make really cool free analytics tool. Basic idea is to keep track of what people copy/paste on your page and automatically link back copied content to original page. As many analytic tools it uses JavaScript that has to update on the blog every time tracking is changed. Tynt.com For WordPress tries to solve this problem by bringing configuration option to WordPress admin panel.

Update: It turns out there is a plugin with the same name, so I had to rename mine to Tynt.com For WordPress.

Update: Tynt.com For WordPress now available though wordpress.org's Plugin Directory. Just head over to Tynt.com For WordPress page and click download. You can also instal it directly from your blog. Search for tynt.com in plugins section.

How to get plugin

Head over to github to get the latest code. This is regular WordPress plugin, so use is a snap. You can also search Plugin Directory for tynt.com and have your WordPress install it automatically

How to use it

  1. Register @ http://www.tynt.com/ and get your Tynt ID (it is free).
  2. Get files from this repo and put them into "tynt-insight-for-wordpress" folder (actually any folder will work).
  3. Go to Plugins section of your WordPress and activate plugin "Tynt Insight For WordPress" plugin.
  4. Head over to "Tynt Insight" page in "Settings" section of the admin menu.
  5. Enter you Tynt ID and click save. 6. Done.


Please feel free to post any feedback here or on github issue.